Unlike older keychain lights that require two hands to operate, NanoLite can be effortlessly used with one hand. Designed with the way an individual’s hand grips a key in mind, NanoLite is easily activated with the thumb and shines light in the direction the key is pointing.


NanoLite’s small size is accomplished through innovative, patented technology:

• 3M VHB adhesive
• Long-life Lithium battery
• Ultra-bright Nightvision Red LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
• Rugged polypropylene case

US Patent No. 5,515,248

NanoLite’s compact size provides a sophisticated way to provide extra light when on the go, making opening car and door locks easier. While other see-in-the-dark products like flashlights and keychain lights add extra bulk to pockets and purses, NanoLite is no bigger than a penny. Its one-time easy attachment to a key with high-bond tape ensures the radiant light will be nearby on keys at all times.